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Promoting, fostering and disseminating knowledge of Spanish language and culture throughout the world


Convene and organize congresses, seminars and conferences

Since its founding in 2007, the "Fundación don Quijote" Board of Trustees has included the business groups Ideal Education Group and don Quijote, and the Foundation has also enjoyed the full support of ENFOREX, ENFOCAMP and EDUSPAIN. These relationships give the Foundation the support of almost forty per cent of the private sector of the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE), which translates to a guarantee of professionalism and a significant field of action.

Leader in teaching of Spanish for foreigners and one of the five groups in the teaching of foreign languages sector in the world, Ideal Education Group (IEG) receives annually more than 40,000 students in its classrooms and sends more than 10,000 students abroad.
In the 21 years since don Quijote Spanish School founding, don Quijote has grown to 39 locations in Spain and Latin America, largely through the recommedations of more than 150,000 satisfied students.

The entity CUADERNOS CERVANTES also collaborates with the Foundation. The founder of the Foundation, Mr.Antonio Anadón Guëmes, is supported by a Secretary who acts as Secretary of the Foundation, as well.

The Foundation itself will name as members of the Honorary Board of Trustees, among others, Spain’s institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) (Spanish: Instituto de Comercio Exterior), The Instituto Cervantes, The University of Salamanca, The Director of the Royal Spanish Academy of the Language (Spanish: Real Academia Española de la Lengua), the public business Ruta don Quijote 2005, the government of the autonomous region of Castile-La Mancha (Spanish: Junta de comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha), the "Territorio La Mancha" project, the Santillana Foundation, the director of the Cervantes Festival of Guanajuato, Mexico and other foundations involved with Spanish culture and the teaching of the Spanish language.