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Promoting, fostering and disseminating knowledge of Spanish language and culture throughout the world

Project dQBiblio

The study and cataloguing of school libraries’ technological and media resources used in the teaching of Spanish for the purpose of integrating immigrant population.” - Ministry of Education, Social Policy and Sport.

The Ministry of Education, Social Policy and Sport, in its wish to optimize the efforts put forth to facilitate the incorporation of steps aimed at boosting reading for content learning of various areas or subjects, as well as compiling reports to inform about the actual reading situation, the use of school libraries as resource centers and the teaching experience of teachers, has summoned for help to elaborate and diffuse courses, materials and resources, in which through the use of adequate methodologies, can contribute to said cause.

The Ley Orgánica de Educacíon (LOE, “Organic Law of Education”) clearly establishes in Article 2 that public authorities in the field of education must give priority those factors that favor the quality of teaching, and especially the qualification and training of teachers, their work as a team, their contribution of educational resources, the educational research, experimentation and renovation, encouragement in reading and uses of libraries among others. Proyect dQBiblio is an original study proposal of the analysis of the current library system, hoping to become the facilitator – in a proactive way and within the principles and goals of the scholar institution, just as it is established by the current legislation.